Seek and Ye Shall Find – the Truth!

Hi, my name is Sam and I’d like to tell the story of how I became a Christian. I’m now 36 years old. This story has to go back to when I was about 21 though, about 5 years before I actually became a Christian – or got ‘saved’ as…
Stirling, Scotland
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Saved after Healing

Hi to all of you around the world, I am Edelgard from Braunschweig, North Germany. In the past, when I used to live in Bavaria, I visited a Catholic Church because there was no Protestant Evangelical Church where I lived. Actually I was Protestant Evangelical and soon discovered the differences…
Brunswick, Germany
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Lifting the Fog – God Draws Me to Full Salvation

Hi, I would like to share with you how the Lord worked in my life and led me unto salvation. At the time when this happened I lived in Germany. A friend of mine invited me to their church meetings a few times but I refused as I wasn’t really interested.…
Coffs Harbour, Australia
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Convicted by God

My name is Christiane and I live in Saarland, Germany. My son Jason had endeavored for 10 years to persuade me to get baptized “the right way” (MATTHEW 3:13-16; ACTS 8:36-39). I was not sure at all about it, as I always thought I had been baptized the right way according to…
Saarland, Germany
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Leaving Empty Religion Behind

This is a testimony of how God saved me from a life of hypocrisy, sickness and New Age philosophy. In 1997, at the age of 16, I was an active member of the Lutheran church. Despite this, I was heavily involved in astrology, yoga and other New Age practices. I…
Hanover, Germany
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Saved from Depression and Loneliness

Hi everybody, Greetings from sunny Brisbane in Australia! I would like to share with you how I was saved from depression and loneliness. After finishing high school in Germany, I started studying in another town called Landau. It wasn’t too far away from home, nevertheless I was pretty much on…
Brisbane, Australia
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Finding the Meaning of Life

Hi folks, This is the story of how I was converted, and of how God changed my life and gave me everything I had ever longed for. Even as a child I sought God by reading my Bible and going to church now and then. I had a strong feeling…
Coffs Harbour, Australia
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How To Get Peace Of Mind?

Hello Everyone I’d like to tell you something exciting about ‘praying in the Spirit’, (speaking in tongues), the prayer language that God gives you as a confirmation that you have received the Holy Spirit. There are a number of reasons why God gives you this prayer language, among them are…
Hatfield, England
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Loner Looking for Eternal Life

Hi everybody, My name is Harry, I live in St. Albans and I would like to tell you the testimony of how I got saved. I grew up with a Lutheran-Protestant background and always ‘believed’ in God. My father didn’t agree with children’s baptism as it is not Biblical, so…
St Albans, UK
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