My name is Christiane and I live in Saarland, Germany. My son Jason had endeavored for 10 years to persuade me to get baptized “the right way” (MATTHEW 3:13-16; ACTS 8:36-39). I was not sure at all about it, as I always thought I had been baptized the right way according to the belief of the Evangelic Church. At some point I started to seek the Lord (JEREMIAH 33:3) and to ask Him in prayer that I would like to be baptized according to the Bible. I asked Him to show me the right way. I somehow received an impression lasting for a few weeks that I should get baptized. However I was still not sure.

In 2001, I wanted to visit my children in Scotland. When I was about to leave for Scotland I felt the strong urge to take my swimming gear along, although I have never liked going swimming.

During my time at my children’s place in Scotland we had a wonderful formal dinner, to which also other members of the Assembly were invited. Two guests, Andrew and Henry, talked a lot about salvation and baptism with me. Andrew also mentioned that I had built up a spiritual wall in my mind that needs to be taken down.

After the dinner, everybody went into a time of prayer, praying in tongues, in a language I didn’t understand. All of a sudden while Henry was praying in tongues, I clearly heard him saying „détruire la bastion“ (French for “to destroy the stronghold”), see 2 CORINTHIANS 10:4-5. This caught my attention, especially since I am fluent in French. I answered Henry in French and asked him what he meant with this, but I found out that he couldn’t understand what I was saying. This was a clear sign from the Lord for me (ACTS 2:6-11).

So I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. Andrew and Henry laid hands on me, and I received the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues, as described in ACTS 19:6. I said I wanted to get baptized. The baptism was planned in Perth Leisure Pool for the next day. I was excited, and still a bit unsure about this big step. I could hardly sleep that night.

I received the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues…

On our way to Perth I prayed that, if what I wanted to do was wrong in God’s eyes, the Lord should stop me by a little car accident without injuries or by the swimming pool being closed on that day etc. Nothing but the opposite happened though. The staff of the Leisure Pool was nice and very helpful. They even let us all – a bigger group – in for free and gave us an extra pool that was a bit apart from the general public. Andrew and Henry baptized me in the Lord’s name (MATTHEW 28:19). Also my son Jason was present at my baptism.

Sunette from South Africa, who watched my baptism, decided to get baptized immediately afterwards (ACTS 2:38). Altogether it was an unforgettable weekend, and I thank all those people involved. Praise the Lord!

Love in Jesus Christ