Girl Healed from Spastic Gait

G’day from Australia! This testimony is about a miracle that I witnessed a few years ago. I had seen and heard about healing miracles before, but nothing as dramatic as some of those described in the Bible. This burdened me and caused doubts in my mind as to whether I…
Annette A
Sydney, Australia
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A Pastor Gets Healed of Bladder Cancer

When I was still living in Dresden (East Germany) a lady who came along to our meeting asked us if we could pray for her father who had cancer of the bladder. We went to the hospital and overheard the conversation between the 3 doctors and her father saying that…
Chris K.
Perth, Scotland
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Healed from Protein Losing Enteropathy

Hello, we would like to tell you how our son Jonathan overcame a Protein Losing Enteropathy. Jonathan was born with a severe heart condition and half a year after his third operation he got ill with oedemas everywhere on his body. We started to pray that God heals him. First…
Chris and Moni
Perth - Scotland
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Healed from a Painful Knee Injury

Hi everyone, Where should I start? Well, firstly let me introduce myself – my name is Erwin and I live with my family in Australia. This testimony is about healing through prayer and giving the Lord the glory for it. It all happened somewhere in the mid 90’s. I’m one…
South Australia - Australia
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Healed from Sinusitis!

Hello everyone, My name is Gerhard, and I live in St. Petersburg, in North-Western Russia. St. Petersburg is well known for its beautiful architecture and historical sites, but also for its very tough, damp climate. People who live here are ill quite frequently, and flu epidemics are common; of course,…
St. Petersburg - Russia
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Healed By The Word Of God

Hello, my name is Ryan and I want to share with you a healing testimony about how God healed my arm. I’m a painter and decorator and I worked for several months in Berlin doing plastering work on a large building site. After a month my arm started to hurt…
St. Albans - England
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Short Leg Grew, and Healing of Hay Fever and Asthma

Hi I’m Gary from Scotland and wanted to share a healing testimony with you. From the time of my apprenticeship as a locksmith, I had severe problems with my back. After a while I found out that my left leg was 1.5 cm shorter than the right. Due to that,…
Tillicoultry - Scotland
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Healed from Nail Fungus!

Eight years ago I had caught a fungal infection on my big toenail which grew more and more and destroyed the whole toenail. It was dark brown, looked ugly and grew wildly. I was ashamed and a bit desperate since I had never heard of any successful treatment for nail…
Melbourne - Australia
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Torn Tendons Healed!

Hello, my name is Werner and I live in Zurich, in Switzerland. When I was twenty-four my friend and I climbed up a sightseeing tower. On the way down we decided to race to the bottom. I was faster than my friend and in the lead, but suddenly I stumbled…
Zurich - Switzerland
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