Healed from a Painful Knee Injury

Hi everyone,

Where should I start? Well, firstly let me introduce myself – my name is Erwin and I live with my family in Australia. This testimony is about healing through prayer and giving the Lord the glory for it. It all happened somewhere in the mid 90’s. I’m one of those people who enjoy a bit of jogging. Running through the neighborhood once or twice a week is a great way of staying healthy and it doesn’t cost you much.

…soon I wasn’t able to run any more because of the pain.

Back then, whilst out on one of these runs, my left knee started to hurt. I first didn’t give it any thought, but soon I wasn’t able to run any more because of the pain. After a short break I gave it another try but with out success. It felt like something in the knee had locked up. I stumbled back home that day and didn’t go out running for another week. Then I went out again for my regular run, but after about a mile it happened again – my left knee locking up painfully. The next time, the same thing happened again. Normal walking wasn’t a problem, and as soon as I stopped running the pain gradually went away. I was puzzled by the cause of this pain and what to do about it.

The Annual General Meeting of our assembly in Cornwall, England was about to start in August of that year. One thing that came to mind was to ask for prayer at one of the prayer meetings – rather than going to a doctor or taking painkillers. And so it happened that on one of these prayer evenings, people were asked by the Pastor to come forward if they needed prayer for healing. Somewhat desperate, but full of faith, I stood up and went to the front to receive prayer. The actual prayer didn’t take long but it was powerful and done in the name of Jesus!

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” MARK 11:24

Some months later in December, our church held another meeting, this time in the beautiful mountains of Reutte, Austria. Before one of the meetings someone approached me and asked if I had a testimony I could give in the meeting. I didn’t, but later in the meeting we watched some video clips and highlights from our last AGM. At one stage I recognised myself in the film! At first I had to smile, but soon became slightly embarrassed because I realized that I had completely forgotten about the prayer. And, in the meantime, my knee had been healed! So I did have a testimony to give after all!! God is a good God and I’m truly grateful for what he did and still does in my life. And I still go out running every week!