Healed from Protein Losing Enteropathy

Hello, we would like to tell you how our son Jonathan overcame a Protein Losing Enteropathy.

Jonathan was born with a severe heart condition and half a year after his third operation he got ill with oedemas everywhere on his body. We started to pray that God heals him. First he got checked at the local hospital if this was caused by a disease of his kidneys, but the result was negative. So we got transferred to the hospital in Berlin where the doctors checked his heart! They found something, corrected it during a catheterisation and we all including the doctors hoped for the best but Jonathan’s health didn’t get better.

After some weeks we got told that Jonathan has a Protein Losing Enteropathy. The body loses the protein therefore it develops oedemas. He got treated with a lot of medicine, protein infusions and injections but his health didn’t improve. This condition was difficult to treat.

After about six weeks in hospital – trying to keep up our faith and our friends in the Church praying faithfully for us – the doctors said that they don’t want to keep us any longer in hospital and we could go home now. We got medication to take home and had to come for check-ups every second week. Jonathan wasn’t healed; he had bad but stable blood results.

It was good to come home again. Jonathan was put on a protein-rich diet and every second week we went for a check-up. At the first     check-up the blood results were still the same.

At some point I looked up this disease on the Internet, it said that it is 50-60% deadly, wow that was sobering. It was in line with the statements of the doctors that it was absolutely necessary that Jonathan’s body would keep the protein else Jonathan would not have a chance in the long run.

In the hospital the doctors told us more about the treatment they are planning. They had tried several medications to improve Jonathan’s health, but nothing had shown any results yet. He still got daily injections that he endured bravely. The next steps would be more operations we heard. These operations haven’t always proven successful, but there was nothing else they could think of – and our doctors were really caring.

That was quite frustrating to hear. So we went home again, not exactly uplifted. Daily life continued.

One day while I was praying I thought about the Scripture “With His stripes we are healed” (Isa 53:5) and as well about God’s promise to Abram when God said to him: “Lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art …  for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it … (Gen 13:14,15).  Mainly on the part, what you see  (and believe), you will get. I very much wanted to see with my inner eyes, that Jesus on the cross brought healing through His stripes means that Jesus bore the Protein Losing Enteropathy, which Jonny had. And when Jesus bore it, then Jonny did not need to bear it anymore and is healed. Because Jesus died for all our sins and sicknesses. So while I was praying I imagined this picture.

Then God gave me peace and joy. I was eager to see what would happen now. I didn’t know what but I knew it would be great. At the next check-up Jonathan’s blood results had improved, for the first time. And they got better and better every time. Some months later the doctor stated that Jonathan “has now defeated the disease” and they reduced and then cancelled the medication.

Praise the Lord for His Healing Power!!!!