Girl Healed from Spastic Gait

G’day from Australia!

This testimony is about a miracle that I witnessed a few years ago. I had seen and heard about healing miracles before, but nothing as dramatic as some of those described in the Bible. This burdened me and caused doubts in my mind as to whether I was on the right track. After all, the Bible says that ‘those that believe’ shall experience the very same miracles that Jesus performed.

“Verily, verily, I [Jesus] say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also” (JOHN 14:12).

“…these signs shall follow them that believe; …they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (MARK 16:17-18).

I belonged to the Braunschweig ‘assembly group’ in North Germany, and since the border to former East Germany had opened, we sometimes travelled to Dresden to visit some of the brethren there. One Sunday morning we were handing out Christian leaflets, and I got talking to a lady about healing, and told her that Jesus can heal everybody. “If I lay hands on a sick person and pray in Jesus’ Name”, I told her, “Jesus will heal that person”. However, the lady was rather sceptical.

…I saw a girl who clearly had a spastic gait. Her legs were severely bent…

Shortly after this discussion, I saw a girl who clearly had a spastic gait. Her legs were severely bent and she was dragging herself along the shopping mall. I gave her a leaflet without saying anything, because I thought that she might not be able to understand much anyway. She took the leaflet and kept dragging herself along the mall.

Suddenly the thought crossed my mind that I had not told her that Jesus could heal her. I ran after her, pointed to the leaflet and said “This is about Jesus”.

She asked “Who is Jesus?” I said: “He can heal you”. She just asked me, without any doubt in her eyes: “How does He do that?”

I explained that I would lay hands on her and pray. I asked her name and she replied that her name was Johanna. I also asked what was wrong with her, but she was not able to explain much about her condition.

I then laid my hands on her and prayed in Jesus’ Name that God would heal Johanna’s legs. When I opened my eyes, Johanna was jumping around and laughing, and her legs were totally straight! At first I could not believe my eyes, but then I started to laugh with joy and we hugged each other. I had seen what the power of God can do, if we do not doubt Him. Indeed, with God all things are possible (MARK 10:27).

Praise The Lord!

In Jesus’ Love,