Short Leg Grew, and Healing of Hay Fever and Asthma

Hi I’m Gary from Scotland and wanted to share a healing testimony with you. From the time of my apprenticeship as a locksmith, I had severe problems with my back. After a while I found out that my left leg was 1.5 cm shorter than the right. Due to that, three of the spinal discs had been deformed. Because the muscles tried to compensate it, I had constant pain and certain stiffness in my back. The work as a locksmith with all the heavy things that you have to carry was also not exactly helpful.

The only short-term relief was brought by massaging and fango, but that helped only for two or three days. Also the shoe lifts that I got from my doctor didn’t do the trick. So I thought I had to accept my fate for the rest of my days.

Three months after becoming a Christian I left the army where I had spent the last 4 years. I didn’t do any regular job for the next 6 months but helped my friend on his big farm over the wintertime, mainly felling trees and carrying them out off the woods, cutting fire wood and building fences.

If you feel well, you do not immediately notice, therefore it took a while until I realised that I didn’t have any pain anymore for months, although the work we did was actually rather strenuous.

When I checked the length of my legs again, they where exactly the same, I was healed without even having prayed/asked for it.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” MATTHEW 6:33.

A while afterwards a friend and I prayed for someone who had the same problem, only that his legs differed about 5 cm. We sat him on a chair with his back against the backrest to ensure he is sitting straight and then you could see that his ankles were not even. We laid hands on his ankles and commanded in the name of Jesus Christ the shorter leg to grow to the same length as the longer one. Immediately we saw the leg growing slowly longer and longer until it was as long as the other one and then it stopped. The whole thing was very exciting to watch as you can imagine and it was also exciting to see what ability God has given into our hands.

Immediately we saw the leg growing slowly longer and longer until…

“…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” MARK 16:18.

About the same time the things with my left leg and the back happened I was also healed from hay fever and asthma. I developed these symptoms when I was 7 years old and from that time had constant problems till I was healed at the age of 24. At school I could not partake in any sports activities, had troubles to go up the stairs because of short breath, at least in the time from April to August every year.

At the age of 20 I did an allergy test. From the 21 substances of this test 14 reacted with a rate of 3 (maximum) and the other 7 with 2. After this I went through an allergen-desensitizing treatment with injections once every week for 3 years. The result was literally zero, nothing changed at all. The only thing that helped at that time was a little cortisone inhaler against the asthma attacks. But cortisone is not exactly healthy and has many dangerous side effects.

After becoming a Christian I heard a lot about God’s healing power and read some testimonies. So I decided to chuck my medication away and trust in the Lord. By the time of Pentecost the following year we were on a chalet in the Austrian Alps when the asthma attacks started again. I woke up a friend who was next to me and asked for prayer. He was half asleep and simply commanded: “In the Name of Jesus Christ be healed”. Then his head fell back on the pillow and he slept again. I was a bit disappointed that nothing more spectacular had happened, but thought then to give it at least a try, went back to bed and laid down. There was no more asthma and I could breathe freely and was completely healed. Since then we had cats for many years and I worked even on a farm again with horse breeding, harvesting grain and everything which would trigger the allergy, but Praise the Lord I am healed.