Torn Tendons Healed!

Hello, my name is Werner and I live in Zurich, in Switzerland.

When I was twenty-four my friend and I climbed up a sightseeing tower. On the way down we decided to race to the bottom. I was faster than my friend and in the lead, but suddenly I stumbled and fell.

My left foot was injured and I felt excruciating pain. I couldn’t walk or stand up by myself, so my friend helped me to the car. He drove me straight to the doctor as my foot had begun to swell.

The doctor told me that I would have to wait until the swelling went down and the pain subsided to examine my foot properly.. After ten days it was better, but I could not walk very well. The doctor examined my foot and told me that the tendons in my foot were injured which meant that they no longer held my foot in the correct position. He could move my foot approximately 4cm (1.6 inches) forward. This meant that the tendons were not only over stretched, but completely torn. He also told me that I had to go to hospital so that they could operate on my foot and sew the tendons back together. Such an operation would normally take about six weeks to heal.

The next day before I was to go to the hospital I had breakfast with a Christian friend. We talked about my accident and after a while he asked me whether I had the faith that God could heal me. He offered to pray for my foot if I believed that The Lord would heal me.

I told him that I wasn’t so keen to stay in hospital for that long and asked him to pray for me.

He could not understand how the foot was completely healed…

My friend then prayed and He asked the Lord that my tendons would heal together again, that I would not have to stay in hospital, that an operation would not be necessary, and that there would be no remaining problems with the foot at all. I did not feel anything special at that moment, and I then went to the hospital.

At the hospital they took an X-ray and afterwards the doctor examined my foot again. He bent the foot left and right, forward and in every other possible direction, always asking if any of the movements caused me any pain. Then, although I could not understand why, he did the same with the right foot.

He told me that there wasn’t any problem with either my left or the right foot. He asked me what had happened since my first examination. He could not understand how the foot was completely healed, and so he put a bandage on it anyway.

After the third day the bandage was very itchy so I removed it. I was not in any pain and had absolutely no problem to walk or run, and that afternoon I played an energetic game of football.

Praise the Lord for His healing power.