Healed from Nail Fungus!

Eight years ago I had caught a fungal infection on my big toenail which grew more and more and destroyed the whole toenail. It was dark brown, looked ugly and grew wildly. I was ashamed and a bit desperate since I had never heard of any successful treatment for nail fungus so far. Even heavy drugs for fungal infection were not able to help. So I left it and almost gave up praying about it. Nevertheless, I read the wonderful book “Healing the Sick” by T.L. Osborn and this gave me a glimmer of hope that healing was still possible.

In 2001 when I worked in a hospital, I was talking to a patient who, beside other diagnoses, had a history of a big toenail fungus. I examined his toe and could see that it was absolutely fine. Totally astonished, I asked him how he had achieved this and he told me that he had taken medication called Lamisil made by the company Novartis. I was praying about this drug and at one of Phillip Day’s presentations, I asked him what he knew about and what he would do about a toenail fungus. He told me that there would be something produced by the company Novartis. So here was a possible answer to my question and I bought some of it.

…and they realised that a miracle was occurring.

However, I have in fact never taken this medication because I was too lazy and also remembered T.L. Osborn’s book “Healing the Sick” and E.W. Kenyon’s book “Jesus the Healer”. I just did in faith what was recommended in these books. I touched my sick toe with my finger and said “Thank you Lord Jesus, by your stripes I am healed” which is a scripture quoted from ISAIAH 53:5 and 1 PETER 2:24. So I thanked God almost every day and confessed my healing by His stripes. In 2002, I found that it was growing out. Good and healthy toenail tissue was pushing out this old brown infected material. I showed it to many people and they realised that a miracle was occurring.

Now my big toenail is pure from the root upwards by about four fifths and is becoming better and better. Simple faith in Jesus Christ did what nothing else could achieve. God gives several ways out. He has in fact created some natural remedies that can help and these are not to be despised. However, the best and most simple option is to trust in the Bible and act on His Word. Hold on to His promises with childlike faith and thankfulness in the Name of Jesus.