Financial Blessings

I thought I would just share with you one of the biggest miracles I have witnessed in my life over the last few weeks. It is so amazing to see what can happen if you just believe in the Lord and follow the advice given to you. Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to liesPSALM 40:4.

I spent all of last year travelling throughout the world, seeing many places and visiting the other assemblies! When I got home I had very little money left. I also moved out of home because I wanted to be closer to University, which is in the middle of the city. I found a job in a little restaurant working four nights a week, but because people are paid quite modestly in the hospitality industry I did not earn all that much.

After looking over my budget I figured out that I would still be about $200 short each month and would therefore not even have the minimum amount of money needed to survive. As my parent’s income is above the maximum threshold for receiving financial assistance from the government, it meant that I wasn’t entitled to any support.

This all seemed like a huge mountain which just rose out of no where for me, because I could just simply not see a way to earn enough money since I was also going to studying full time. I decided to put the whole situation into the hands of the Lord and to also follow the advice I had been given which was to put aside a little money every week to save up, and then just pray about the situation and trust in the Lord. The Bible clearly shows us that we should trust in the Lord with ALL our heart and not lean onto our own understanding.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understandingPROVERBS 3:5. I tried my best to put this into practice and started to look for more work, even though I really didn’t see when I would possibly have any more spare time to go to another job. It turned out that I could do a cleaning job on Saturday mornings for two hours. This fitted in perfectly with other activities I have on. On top of this, while I was praying I had a thought flash through my mind about a benefit that the government was offering for young families and people with low incomes. I had heard about it through an advertisement on the radio, and it turned out that I qualified for $34 per week financial assistance which I will not have to pay back when my studies are over.

Praise the Lord; He has really opened so many doors for me in the past few weeks. It is just amazing what the Lord can do, I have honestly witnessed many more miracles in my life but this one just fell into place so quickly after I was ready to give up and everything just seemed so hopeless. I now have enough money each month, and I would really never have thought it would be possible, so I can’t praise the Lord enough.

God does bless us if we put Him first in our lives (MATTHEW 6:33).