A Bead Stuck in My Ear

Hello, my name is Jamie,

One day, when I was five years old, I was playing with some beads without my mum being aware of it.  I was pretending they were earrings by putting them close to my ear. My mum had to go out for a short time and my dad looked after my brother, sister and I. When she came back five minutes later, I told her that I had a bead in my ear; she didn’t pay attention to what I was saying as she didn’t think I was serious, as she hadn’t seen me play with the beads.

After telling her the same thing a few times, she decided to examine my ear and had a closer look and saw the bead, which was now deep inside. It was hard to believe how the day, that had started so quietly, had turned-out.  My mum stayed calm and spoke to my dad and explained the situation. My dad took me to the local hospital where a doctor tried unsuccessfully to remove the bead with some specialist medical tools, but the bead only went deeper. It was harder to see now and my ear was bleeding a bit.

The news was not good; I was scheduled the next day to go to the children’s hospital in the city and I would need a full anaesthetic to remove it, or in the worst case scenario, surgery. We contacted a few Christian friends for advice and prayer support. At this point a lot of people started to pray for the situation, we were advised to put some oil on a cotton ball, which should then be placed in the ear; to lubricate the bead and help it come out.  That night we prayed again.

Unfortunately, the next day, the situation was unchanged; the bead was still stuck deep inside the ear, so I went to the hospital with my dad. My mum stayed home to look after my younger sister and brother, as the hospital was 1 ½ hours away and would spend the time praying for the situation. She was in regular contact with my dad by phone, asking what to pray for. At this stage the doctor wasn’t sure if the bead could be removed without surgery, and if needed, planned to open one side of the ear.

Meanwhile, my mum and our friends were praying for me, they prayed specifically that surgery would not be necessary and that the doctors would remove the bead straight away.  My mum was to pray during the procedure until the bead was out. After only 15 minutes, my dad rang my mum to say that miraculously, they got the bead out, straight away, without complications and without need of surgery!

Praise The Lord, God Is Mighty!

1 KINGS 8:49 “Then hear thou their prayer and their supplication in heaven thy dwelling place, and maintain their cause.”

JOHN 12:18 “For this cause the people also met him, for that they heard that he had done this mirac