Autogenic training, Yoga and New Age is not the answer


My name is Monika and I would like to tell you how God changed my life.

I was brought up in the Catholic Church and my parents took this seriously. We went to Mass every Sunday, as well as to confessions and prayed before each meal. When growing up and moving out, these habits got lost more and more. I still prayed sometimes while at the same time I got interested in autogenic training, yoga and new age.

I worked in a rehabilitation clinic and one Saturday a colleague invited me to her place. When I came, she studied her Bible and showed me some Scriptures which I was not familiar with as I hadn’t read the Bible. I had only heard parts of it during Mass or in my early years in school. We didn’t get encouraged to read it ourselves and I never had the idea by myself to do it.

She invited me to a BBQ in the evening. It would be in my hometown (some miles away) and I could meet

some folk from her Christian Assembly. I was curious, as it was in my hometown and wondered if I would know the people.

After work we drove there, I hadn’t met any of them, but I had a lovely evening there and heard from different people their stories, what they had experienced in their life with God. It was awesome. Healings, prayer answers, about the spiritual world, demons, … I just listened and was stunned. Someone opened a Bible and showed me Scriptures about our relationship to God, ROMANS 3:10-12,23 and JOHN 3:36, that through Adam’s sin we are separated from God and the way to eternal life is to repent from my sins, get baptised under water and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in a new language given by God ACTS 2:37,38.

Everything I heard or read this evening was absolutely new to me. I had no doubt that the Bible is God’s Word. What I read in it, I believed. Hearing all these testimonies seemed to show a God who is alive, to whom you can come with your problems and joys and he answers.

I got invited for the next evening, on Sunday. I heard that they regularly meet on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, but due to work we could only come for the evening. Again, we sat together, watched a movie, talked and I heard more stunning stories of what God had done in their and other people’s lives. From the last evening on there was a ‘battle’ going on in my mind. One part said, that is the truth, the right way, do that. The other voice said, you don’t know these people, don’t be hasty… It was as described in 1 CORINTHIANS 16:9.

I saw in God’s Word that as God wants no one to perish in hell, he opens the heart of everyone at some point in his/her life that they have the chance to get to know him, to repent and follow him.

Someone (must have read my mind and) asked me, when are you getting baptised? I answered, I guess, on Wednesday. They explained that a baptism isn’t tied to a meeting, but is possible anytime when repentance and the will/desire to follow God according to His Word is there.

I replied, then it will be in latest 48 hours. Out it was! These words had come out of my mouth although I hadn’t thought it or intended to say it.

But as I had spoken it, it manifested itself in me. At that time it was Sunday night, after midnight.

On the way home the ‘war in the mind’ was like the day before. ‘You could have been baptised already, why didn’t you go for it?’ ‘I have to think about that all first, it’s crazy.’

Monday I was off work and I was reading in the Bible. I realized that Jesus warned that there is a hell waiting for people who don’t believe in him. Eternity will be forever, without end. And there are only two places, where we can spend eternity, which is heaven or hell. There are only two masters, whom you can serve – Jesus or Satan. If you serve Jesus on earth, then you spend eternity as well with him whom you love. And no such place as the purgatory exists, but was taught by the Catholic Church. I saw that there were many differences between God’s Word and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. In some topics the teaching was fully contrary to God’s Word.

It was frightening to read that all, but as I was determined to follow Jesus from now on, I didn’t fear hell. In the evening – still in mind that my baptism is soon – I had headache and post phoned it to the next day.

Tuesday evening saw a sudden change in my mind. I clearly did not want to get baptised but nevertheless phoned Thomas as I had promised it. He asked me how I am and then it happened again: I didn’t say what I intended to but something totally different. I said, that I have some questions – which was true. While reading the Bible, there were some things which I didn’t understand. He offered me to answer it now or to meet. That would have been my chance to say, don’t bother. But I didn’t. So he said he would come along and we ended the phone call. I looked out of the window and realized that it was pouring down with thunder and lightning. I was about to grab the phone again to cancel the meeting, but I knew that he was on his way. (He told us later, that a car nearly crashed into his car on the way).

We were four people, I asked my questions, got my answers and then they just waited for me to decide what I wanted.

What happened now, is very difficult for me to describe. I remembered the Scripture that Jesus opens our heart and that he closes it again, when we don’t decide to follow him. Suddenly I was very empty inside and nothing bothered me. I knew that I had been offered something, which is so overwhelming, with nothing to compare, a bright light which shines brighter than anything else, a treasure which cannot be described, above all measure …. But it had passed by, as I didn’t grab it.

Now was the time! Thomas showed me some more Scriptures what it means to follow God.  Then he laid hands on me and prayed for me to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit which happened very quickly. I was overjoyed. I got baptised in my bath tub. Afterwards we looked at the clock and realized that it was exactly 48 hours after I had said that I will be baptised in 48 hours.

EPHESIANS 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.

JOHN 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you …

Praise the Lord.