Cancer of the Oesophagus Healed

In Autumn 2007 my aunt Evi, who suffers from a heart condition and is a diabetic, was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. The cancer was too large to be operable. The only chance was chemotherapy, in the hope of reducing the tumour so that it could be operated on!

At the time I had very little contact with her, though she only lives 1 km away. Despite this I was very upset by the diagnosis. It was very much on my heart to pray for my aunt; it was on my mind night and day. I visited her at home twice, and it hit me hard when I looked at her.

After approximately 10 weeks of therapy, the doctors said that she could now undergo an operation – the first prayer answer! During this operation, they would have to remove the whole stomach. A week before this risky procedure, my husband Heini and I visited her at home. I took a sheet of paper with me, on which I had written down many uplifting scriptures of healing and encouragement. Beforehand, we had prayed that we would be able to pass these scriptures onto her. After asking her if we could pray for her, I gave her this sheet and she took it in tears, thanking us!

She recovered very quickly from the operation; she left the hospital after just one week and was able to eat normal food, which greatly astonished the doctors!

Praise the Lord for this healing miracle!

We will keep on praying for her and her salvation.

“Nothing is impossible with God!”

Karin  (North Germany)