Convinced Catholic – Real Power in my Life Now

When I was nineteen, I was looking for God and was reading different books about life after death, UFOs etc. But somehow I didn’t find the answers I was looking for. One day as I was going to work, I decided to talk to a certain lady in my company; a friend had told me that she is in some kind of religious group and that she could tell me more about God. After speaking to her, we met up and this was the first time in my life that I really knew that someone didn’t just talk about God, but really knew God as a friend. During the next few weeks, I was reading a book by Smith Wigglesworth, called “A Man After God’s Heart”. This book describes how Smith Wigglesworth was greatly used by God to heal and help other people.

I started praying to God that if He did these things 50 years ago, then there is no reason why he cannot do this today, and that I wanted to see the power of God. The lady invited me to a meeting, but I told her that I would never go to a sect. I was living in Austria at that time, and as I had grown up in the Catholic Church, I was convinced that everything which wasn’t Catholic was a sect and couldn’t be good.

One day this lady phoned me up, and asked if I wanted to go swimming with a few friends of hers. To my surprise, as I didn’t have anything planned that weekend – which hardly ever happened – I decided to go swimming, and afterwards I was even invited to stay overnight with some new friends from the weekend. The next day I went along to a Sunday meeting, which I would have normally never done.

if He did these things 50 years ago, then there is no reason why he cannot do this today

In this Christian meeting, one thing became very clear for me, and that was that God did many things for me in my life, but I hadn’t done anything for him. I knew that I had to make a decision in my life, to either follow God 100% or to leave it. After the meeting I wanted to get baptised.

The people of this Christian group suggested that I should take one more week to think this decision over to be 100% sure that this is what I really wanted to do. They explained to me that I would be making a covenant with God, and that I  should not rush into a decision like that. The Bible actually warns people not to make a quick decision to follow God and then break it again after a few months.

I knew that God heard me when I was praying and I knew that He exists

In that week, a lot of things came into my mind, and it seemed as if something wanted to always keep me away from getting baptised and receiving the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in other tongues. At the time I did not understand that it was Satan who tried hard to show me in my mind that I could follow God also without doing these things (getting baptised and receiving the Holy Spirit). After one week, I went along to another Sunday meeting and decided there to give up my life 100% to God, and to get baptised and receive the Holy Spirit – like the disciples did 2,000 years ago. During the next few days and weeks I can clearly remember how close I felt to God and I knew that God heard me when I was praying, and knew that He exists and that He is my friend.

I have been a Christian now for 20 years, and I must say it wasn’t always easy, but it was never boring. God was always with me, especially during difficult times and he has always helped me, and he always was and is answering prayers. For example, my parents thought at the beginning that I was in a sect, and the very good relationship I had to them was broken. I knew it was a test from God to see if I would keep God on the first place in my life, and that my parents could only find God if I stayed on the way the Bible describes.

After many years my parents now saw that I was not in a sect and that I didn’t follow men, but God.

In the meanwhile I bought a house, got married and have two lovely kids and every time my parents come to visit us, they comment on how great our Christian Assembly is and they have become friends with many people in the assembly.

Much love in Christ,