Financial Problems Solved!

Financial problems solved!

I wanted to share with you, how the Lord helped me to overcome financial problems and taught me to keep trusting Him, despite difficult circumstances.

Several years ago my wife and I lived as missionaries in Paris/France and didn’t have much money. The Lord had miraculously supplied us with jobs and a car in the lead-up to us going there, but things were financially tight, as we only had part-time jobs. Just occasionally going out for a meal or so with the other members in the church caused my mind to worry that I was wasting “the Lord’s money”. Then electrical items started to break down in our rented accommodation and had to be replaced and I was even worrying more. I was fully aware of the Lord’s promises in MATTHEW 6:31-36,

but despite these and other promises I didn’t have peace in my heart about our finances. As the Bible says in PROVERBS 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he… I realized that I was an unbeliever in God’s eyes. Though I was mentally assenting to the truth of His promises, my thoughts were still running wild, how I was going to pay the upcoming bills. I had no peace and was quite worried not only about the state of our finances, but now even more about the fact that I didn’t trust God and was an unbeliever. REVELATION 21:8 warns that the unbelieving have their part in the lake of fire and I was determined not to stay in this unbelieving state. I studied and read everything I could get my hands on to with regards to finances. I hunted for any promise in the Bible about financial blessings. I re-read those verses for many weeks, almost on a daily basis, but there was still no peace in my soul. I read a couple of Christian booklets / flyers about this topic and prayed to God often to change my heart and that I would truly trust Him. I had hoped that something would happen very quickly and my doubts would be gone, but it took a couple of months, when I had given up looking for new Scriptures about the topic of finances, that one day the Lord led me to read a Scripture in REVELATION 1:6. It says here that He has made us “Kings and Priests unto God” and thinking about this I realized that the kings and priests in the Old Testament had the best of the best. They had the finest foods, the best part of the offering and didn’t have to worry about their physical needs. When I realized that I am a king and priest in God’s eyes, all my doubts and worries suddenly stopped.

There was not an instant change in circumstances, but I KNEW that God was taking care of me and I really didn’t have to worry. With the revelation of this Scripture, former “head-knowledge” turned into “heart-knowledge” and the peace of God came back into my life. I was somehow able to pay the upcoming bills, even though there was no promotion or other financial blessing, but somehow I didn’t worry anymore and things got paid and replaced. I hope this testimony helps you to put your trust in God and His Word when difficult situations arise. Never forget that you are His child and He takes care of you if you follow His rules, as described in the Bible.