Finding John Knox Birthplace

Benny – Perth, UK

It all started after I read a book called “The Sharpened Sword“. It explains about John Knox’s life and it got me really excited about him. In school our topic was about famous people and I thought to take John Knox.

In the end, after having read so much him, I was keen to go to the place where he was born and was buried. We put this before God in prayer to help us to find the places. After the Easter holidays our family went to Edinburgh and we looked at St. Giles Cathedral (where he preached) and saw a memorial stone at the car park behind the church. Then we visited the John Knox House where he had lived in his last years. Our next aim was to go to Haddington where he was born. My research had given Giffordgate as the street name, it stated that a family named Knox had lived there, but only after John Knox had died. Somewhere should be an oak tree and a big stone, on which it is written “Near this spot stood the house in which John Knox was born.” Our desire was to find the oak tree but unfortunately there were no further details where to find it.

I typed Haddington, Giffordgate into the Sat-Nav (as this was the only place we knew) and it led us to Haddington. We came to a very small plastered way called waterside and a little bridge where we couldn’t continue any more. Somehow we were lost. We prayed that God would help us and decided to park the car and walk. After a while we didn’t know where to go. Then we saw a lady coming towards us. We told her that we were on the trail of John Knox and were looking for his birthplace. She straight away knew about it and said that she lives next to the oak tree and led us to it. What a coincidence that she came along just now! We were so excited! Praise the Lord for leading us.

It was great to learn about John Knox who is not forgotten and to whom we owe quite a lot!