From Dope and Drink to True Happiness

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m from Canada.

I became saved recently and I am a member of Christ in You Fellowship. Before I was saved I struggled with drugs and drinking on a daily basis, beer mainly. Getting up in the morning, I would make my coffee and start rolling joints. When I was good and stoned I would drive to work with no consideration for others on the road. Thank God I didn’t get into an accident; I can only now imagine hitting a mother and her kids on the way to school.

At work I would smoke joints on an hourly basis all day long.  Most people couldn’t function in this state, but I thrived like this. As a matter of fact, if I ran out of dope the night before, I would call in sick the next day. The thought of working a day without being stoned horrified me. When my work day was done, on the way home, I would grab a case of beer, at least 6, unless there was a hockey game on – then it would quickly turn into 12. When my team lost, I would smash coffee tables, and it got to the point I lost count of how many I smashed. This went on for years.

So even before I married my wife Marie, in July of 2015, it started to catch up with me. I would get drunk and be hateful towards people around me. One night Marie and I went out for wings and a beer at our favourite pub. I drank myself into a drunken stupor once again. As the night went on, there was an argument between a woman and a guy at a table next to us. I didn’t like what happened and decided to get involved. Next thing I knew I was calling on 3 guys to go outside and fight. Luckily they didn’t accept my challenge.

My wife, Marie, was a fallen away Christian at the time, but told me quite a bit about her faith. A few days later I was drunk again and Marie was at work till 9pm. Then suddenly I realized things were way out of control in my life. I got down on my knees, crying bitterly and begged Jesus to help. “Please Jesus I need your help. I know I’m not the best person out there, but I need You to help me. I’m tired of living like this, things have to change.”

A few days later I was rained out at work. I went home and looked up video links online on UFO’s. Remarkably, on the same page, I found links on End Time Prophesies. I was thinking, “Wow, what is this doing alongside UFO videos?” A couple of days before I had asked Jesus for help; maybe I should take a look.

I was amazed at what the guy said. He talked about past events and things going on in the present. All relating to Jesus’ Return! Shortly after Marie got home from work I tried to show her the video, however, it was removed. But we found another like that one called ‘Russia, Middle East and Europe-End Time Prophecy Shows Christs Return Is Near.’ She also was pricked in her heart as she was a Born Again Christian but had fallen away 10 years ago. So that night we made up our minds to get our hearts right with the Lord.

The following week she got in touch with Jack who she had been in the CIYF with before and set up a meeting. The day of the meeting Jack and his wife Carol came to our house. We talked a while and when they saw my repentance was for real, they decided to pray for me to receive the Holy Spirit. After I repented in prayer to God, I started to talk words almost like my tongue was tied, (And these signs shall follow them that believe… they shall speak with new tonguesMARK 16:17). I felt lighter as if a heavy load was lifted off my shoulders. I received the Holy Spirit! The following week I was baptised on a beautiful sunny day in July by Jack, in a nearby river: then I was on my new “narrow” way and I thank Jesus for accepting me.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.MATTHEW 7:13

I used to think God didn’t want anything to do with me nor I with him. But I have learned that no matter what type of person you are, Jesus will help and accept you, if there is true repentance.  Oh what joy it is to know satan is no longer a part of my life. Sometimes he tries to put things in my head, but I realize who it is and just dismiss him.

I would like to close by saying, Satan had me in a headlock, now Jesus does (Ha, Ha). Praise God the Almighty Father for sending our beloved Saviour Jesus Christ His only Son. Praise God for the Holy Spirit that teaches us and guides us in our daily walk with Him, AMEN.