God Answers Prayers

I would like to share with you how I learned that God really listens to me and is interested in answering my prayers.

One day when I was 5 years old, I was playing with my lego wanting to build a truck according to the instructions that had come with it. As my brother and I have lots of lego, all the parts were together in one big box. When I spread all the lego parts out on the floor I managed to find the big parts, but a few small parts I just wasn’t able to find.

So I decided to pray, knowing that I had seen and heard my big brother and parents share many testimonies of how God had answered their prayers often. Immediately after I prayed to find this certain part I found it and was stunned. I kept building a bit more until I again came to a small lego part I couldn’t find.

I prayed again and again instantly I found the lego part.  The same happened with the last part that was missing and immediately after prayer I also found the last part. This is when I realized that God cares so much for me and that I can always come to him with any problems.