God Does Use Teens for Miracles!

My name is Toby and I have something great to tell you!

One night after we had a Christian meeting, I doubted that kids or younger people could perform miracles, because of their age.  My Dad told me, that it doesn’t matter what age you are you can still perform miracles. I still doubted that I could perform a miracle. My Dad then asked me to sit down and straighten my legs, because recently my leg had been hurting during football matches and in athletic races. My dad asked me to sit on a chair and straighten my back and my legs and we compared the length of my legs and one was slightly shorter than the other, so my Dad asked Lukas; my older brother (15 years old) to pray for my leg.

As Lukas prayed, I felt a power going through my leg as it grew out; so both legs were the same length. I was overwhelmed and grateful and from that day on I knew, that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what situation you are in, God will always listen to you and help you, if you ask. After this my leg did not hurt during football (soccer) matches and it was easier to run during races, which helped me qualify for the athletics A-team.

Love in Christ