God Healed me from Travel Sickness!

Hi everybody,

I would like to tell you about how I got healed from flight sickness, during the last year my family and I were travelling a lot by plane.  I love to fly because you can watch movies and do other things and so travelling is not boring, but sadly I couldn’t enjoy the long flights, as I got sick every time, and this happened again on our flight to Australia. We visited Australia for 4 weeks and during the last week I started to think about our journey home and how I didn’t want to get sick again. So I reminded my mum a few times to pray for me and finally on the day we left Australia she prayed for me and I thanked God with my whole heart that He answered this prayer immediately, I had no problems at all during our long trip home, I know that I will never get sick again when we travel.

God bless you all