God Healed my Tooth Miraculously

My name is Mandy and I live in Coffs Harbour, Australia with my husband and three sons. I would like to tell you about a great miracle that happened in my life, when the Lord healed my decayed tooth.

It happened while my husband and I were on holiday together, where one of my fillings fell out and I was in terrible pain. The hole was so big that I could put the tip of my tongue into it. I didn’t want to go to the dentist, as I had already experienced so many healing miracles in my life and wanted to give God the glory for this healing. I knew that God is our healer and you just have to ask Him in Jesus’ name for the healing, or command the healing in Jesus’ name. In accordance with this my husband then laid his hands on me and asked for the tooth to be filled up with new and healthy tooth material. We both said Amen, but didn’t feel any special power like sometimes before.

The very next day I tried putting my tongue into the hole, but couldn’t put it in anymore. When checking in the mirror I realized that God had indeed filled up the tooth with natural tooth material and the pain was gone. Praise the Lord for this. It was such a relief and great testimony that God is the same “Yesterday, today and forever” and that His healing power is still present today if we ask for it.