God’s Healing Miracles for our Son Jonathan!

Hello, we are Christof and Monika from Perth and we would like to tell you about our son Jonathan and about all the things we have experienced with him through the grace of God.

During the pregnancy, after the doctors performed some special check-ups, we were informed that our baby would be born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The doctor told us that this is one of the worst heart diseases in existence. In the past, children diagnosed with this syndrome usually died shortly after being born, as the condition means the proper blood circulation is lacking. When surgeons started to operate on this condition, it was invariably unsuccessful – the child would die. The operation was then split up into two separate procedures but the results were little improved, and the medical profession considered abandoning surgery altogether. Then the operation was split into three separate procedures, which started to result in a better outcome for the child.

The doctor told us that we would have three options: abort the pregnancy; let him die after birth; or surgery, meaning the child would have at least three operations in the coming years. All the operations, especially the first, are very risky and can result in the death of the child. The operations would not heal him, but would allow him to live for a few more years. He would always remain chronically sick.

This was devastating news. We brought our thoughts and fears to God, and related the news to our church.  Everyone started praying in the Name of Jesus for a creative miracle to occur.

…you have to find the promises of God that relate to your situation…

A friend suggested I read the booklet “There is a Miracle in Your Mouth” which contains a story about a very sick child.  I did and it stirred me up greatly. I read that you have to find the promises of God that relate to your situation, confess them, and God will make His Word come to pass. I started to compile the Bible promises that people had mentioned in letters to us or that God had revealed to me at different times. The scriptures, some of which are very alike, reminded me of a circle. One leads to another and they all match perfectly. During the pregnancy there were times when I suddenly started crying.  Then the Scripture in ISAIAH 26:4 came into my mind:  “Trust ye in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehova is everlasting strength.”That gave great peace to my heart and I found that I stopped crying straight away. God had made his Word in ISAIAH 26:3 come to pass:  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

The birth and all the circumstances around it were lead by God in a most miraculous way, which would be a whole story in itself…  After the birth the doctors stated that Jonathan was in very good health, considering his heart condition. ‘Life in hospital’ started, which is like being in a different world. A time of ups and downs, of constantly receiving good news, bad news or no news at all. On the seventh day of his life Jonathan had his first operation. The first operation is an open-heart-surgery which is a major intervention and causes a lot of stress to the little bodies. At that time, only half of all children with this condition actually made it as far as the operation, and only 50 percent survived it. Our whole church was praying for him during this time (and also during the other operations and whenever difficulties arose). The surgeons did a brilliant work for which we a very thankful and we appreciate it very much!  The Lord protected Jonathan and there were only few complications; whenever they occurred we prayed and the Lord answered, showing that He is Lord above all – for instance, when Jonathan got a pneumothorax (collapsed lung). The doctors were amazed that Jonathan was still in good health and all they did to address this problem was to increase the artificial respiration. Within just 24 hours – a time of persistent prayer – the pneumothorax had completely vanished. The doctor said that other children experiencing this complication sometimes became seriously ill within a very short time. One week after the operation, another child diagnosed with the same syndrome died shortly after undergoing the very same operation. That was a very sad and very sobering time and once more I recognised that all life is from God, given by His grace.

This was exceptional amongst children with such serious heart diseases.

When Jonathan was about three weeks old, we were allowed to leave the hospital. He had developed well and the doctors were amazed to see him in such good health, physically and mentally, even while he was still in the intensive ward. This was exceptional amongst children with such serious heart diseases.

The next months were a time filled with feeding every 2 hours, night and day. It was a very busy time but we saw Jonathan growing. Every week we would visit the cardiologist for a check-up, each time praying that the results would be good. During the oxygen check we would sit and wait for the blood oxygen level to rise to 70% or above – which usually required some patience.

Jonathan had to undergo his second operation when he was about four months old. The operation was successful, he recovered well and only needed oxygen support occasionally. But after the change from the intensive ward to the normal heart ward he suddenly needed oxygen support all the time, due to a low blood oxygen level. The doctors didn’t know why, but said that if this continued and he was otherwise well, they would release us from hospital with a bottle of oxygen and a little device to always check the level of oxygen in his blood. At first this was a shock for me. I searched the scriptures I had gathered, so that God could give me faith. We all prayed for God to manifest Himself. Whenever somebody asked me how Jonathan was, I said – with faith in God’s Word – that we would go home without the oxygen. A catheterisation proved Jonathan’s heart to be working well, without any problems despite the low oxygen level. The following day the level of oxygen in his blood suddenly increased to 88% and stayed there. A few days later, we left the hospital with the oxygen still at this increased level, despite it having been so low before the operation that the doctors had stated it was unlikely to rise to the level they usually expected (85-90%). We were very happy to go home without any oxygen support! This amazing oxygen level of 90% stayed for a whole year.

After receiving prayer he needed no regular treatment with painkillers…

At the age of three he had his third operation, which also went well, though it was not easy. Afterwards he had diaphragmatic paralysis, pleural effusions and was close to pneumonia.  After fighting through in prayer he needed no regular treatment with painkillers, though this had been necessary beforehand.

Six weeks later we left the hospital and saw him recovering. Time and again we saw God answering the prayers for Jonathan and doing miracles. His Word was always there to give faith. At present I have nearly two pages of scriptures that helped during this time; God brought His Word to life to give us strength and faith.

Years have passed and our Jonathan is now a teenager. God has brought him through some dangerous times, e.g. having a Protein Losing Enteropathy (you can find it in a separate testimony: Healing from Protein Losing Enteropathy); a gall bladder infection that interfered with the warfarin treatment meaning his blood didn’t clot at all anymore; a bike accident; and various infections. God saw him through everything. The latest tests and examinations show that Jonathan is in very good health, and we are very happy to have him around – a living testimony for Gods miracles.

God takes the best care of Jonathan’s physical well-being and as time goes by I realise more and more the responsibility of us as parents to care for our child’s soul. This task is given to us by God.  A wise man once said: “Man’s greatest responsibility in life is to make sure that his precious soul is happy and saved in eternity; nothing else, nothing else is as important as this.

Jonathan received the Gift of the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in other tongues and was baptised under water afterwards. He is getting to know God more and more!