Healed After a Bad Fall

Hello everybody,

my name is Josh and I live in Australia. I would love to tell you how God healed and protected me when I was 6 years old. I would love to tell you about how God protected me and healed me miraculously.

Before we left for Australia we visited my auntie and her family at their holiday home in Berlin, where I played with my three cousins. We climbed up a ladder to the loft where we jumped around and had lots of fun. The ladder is approximately three meters long and leads from a stone floor up through a hole to the loft.

After we had played for a short while my parents heard a big “BANG”. They immediately came running and saw that I had fallen head first onto the stone floor. I was unconscious, my eyes were closed and I was not moving at all anymore.

My dad picked me up and prayed for me straight away. Shortly after that I regained consciousness. First I had a terrible headache, but after a short while the pain disappeared. My auntie had already called an ambulance, and we drove to the hospital to check whether I had any internal bleeding.

When we arrived at the hospital the pain had completely gone. The doctor who examined me was very surprised that I didn’t feel sick: no swelling, no bruises, no bleeding or anything else. After he had heard the height which I had fallen from, head first onto a stone floor, he said that even from a medical point of view it’s a miracle.
I told him that we had prayed and God had healed me. God is the best doctor!

…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (MARK 16:18).

Lots of love, Josh