Healed From a Bagpipe Accident

Hi there, my name is Tim and I am now fourteen, but this testimony is written about an accident I had when I was five.

From a young age I have always wanted to play the bagpipes. I also really like to play with sticks. So one fine day I had the fantastic idea to shove a stick into my mouth and played it as if I was in a pipe band (even though my mum had already warned me not to do this). As is the fate of little children who disobey, everything went wrong, I tripped and fell with the stick in my mouth.

It was not a nice experience I can assure you. Anyway, I started screaming and my mum, who was at the front door chatting to a friend, quickly came and was shocked to see blood streaming out of my mouth, I had a 2cm wide puncture hole in the back of my throat.

She prayed and called our neighbour, (who, luckily was a nurse), who quickly drove us to the hospital and helped us to fill out all the forms. After the doctor had checked my throat he wanted to keep me in the hospital overnight.

My mum however wanted to take me home and finally after a heated discussion, which another doctor joined, we were allowed to go home even though we would have to go to a larger hospital for a further check-up the next day.

We arrived home and since it was past my bedtime I was sent to bed after another prayer.

The next day my mum checked my throat and ‘Praise the Lord’!!!! The hole had completely disappeared not even leaving a trace!!!!

My mum and I went to the larger hospital to get a check-up and the doctor just asked, “So where is this hole supposed to be???”

Praise the Lord! I got healed and I can only thank God for everything and give him the glory!!!

Despite the accident I was not put-off playing the bagpipes and now play in a pipe band.