Healed from Nightmares and Depressions by God’s Power

Hi everybody, my name is Kate and I am currently living in Hatfield, Great Britain. I wanted to share with you my testimony of how I got converted 1994 when I was 22 years old.

I grew up in the former East Germany, and because of this I didn’t know anything about God. As a child I was very involved in various sports. All these activities helped me to stay out of trouble and I had a very sheltered childhood. Nevertheless everything changed when I became a teenager; I stopped doing sports and started to hang out with the wrong “crowd” so to speak. Very soon I started smoking, drinking and going to parties.

At the age of 17 I had my first real boyfriend and my life turned from rather meaningless to bad. I only lived for him and didn’t even really care anymore what I would do with my life. After a few months my boyfriend started to abuse me, but by this time I was “addicted” to him and believed it was my duty to stay with him. It just got worse and he started to hit and punch me because he was very jealous. I always found excuses for him and thought I was the person who could “save” him from his drinking, gambling etc.

This was my life for nearly a year, till I realised that he was destroying me. I broke up with him and tried to change my life. Unfortunately he didn’t accept my decision and started to stalk me. One day he just went mad and tried to kill me by running me over with his motor bike! He nearly succeeded; the police officer stated later at court that it was a miracle that I survived the accident and this finally made me realise that there must be more to life than I had previously thought; as I knew when I woke up after the accident, that angels had protected me!

…and the nightmares became unbearable…

A few months later I moved away from home and tried to start a new life. At this point I still thought that I didn’t really need God and because I was a “nice” person and didn’t harm anybody I would go to heaven anyway! However, I couldn’t leave my past behind and became depressed. I found it extremely difficult to meet people and often had nightmares. At this time I met my future husband, who started to tell me more about God and tried to help me. Over the next 3 years I tried to change my life and finally leave my past behind. Nothing really worked and the nightmares became unbearable, my whole behaviour changed to the worse and I felt as if I lived in a cage.

God finally turned everything around and saved not only my soul, but literally my life as well. My boy friend and I were invited to come to a Christian meeting, but I was very skeptical about what to expect. I even stated that I will not get baptised, but little did I know what would happen! The service began and I got so convicted during this time that I knew I would have to get baptised and receive the Holy Spirit before I left the meeting, as this was maybe my last chance to get my life in order!

On that very day I got baptised and received the Holy Spirit and experienced what it means to be BORN AGAIN.

I never ever had another nightmare, friends and family said how they could see how my life was turned around on this day and how I changed from a depressed and disturbed young woman who didn’t know if she wanted to live or die, to a very happy and healed person!

I can only give God the glory and I will always be thankful for my new life!

God bless you and much love in Christ!    Kate