Healed Knee And A Spiritual Answer

Hello everyone around the world,

I would like to share a prayer answer with you; last Wednesday I hurt my right knee, it was all red, blue and purple, and very painful! My Mum and I immediately prayed that in the name of Jesus Christ the knee would be healed and that all pain would go.  The very next morning I gave thanks to the Lord for the healing and praised HIM that it would be fine to join ice hockey training that evening which I like very much. Praise the Lord the knee was completely healed and free of pain! I was very happy and had a big smile knowing that Jesus was watching me and smiling at me too.

Another thing I would like to share with you is how the Lord showed me that I should do what my Mum tells me; because she is my Mum. I read the scripture MY SON, KEEP THY FATHER’S COMMANDMENT, AND FORSAKE NOT THE LAW OF THY MOTHER (PROVERBS 6:20). I realized that it is true, there is the law about obeying my mother, and if I don’t obey her, it will be against God. Praise the Lord He showed me this.