Healed Of Headache

Hi, my name is Anja,

and I would like to tell you a healing testimony that happened during a visit to New Zealand.

The day we left home I could already feel a headache coming on. By the time we reached the airport, the pain had settled into the back of my head, right where the spine meets the skull, and my shoulders felt very tense.

When my husband, Donald, did a crossword puzzle on the plane and asked me to help, but I couldn’t read because I had a feeling of nausea coming on right away. Donald prayed for me, but unfortunately the headache stayed with me for the first four days of our lovely trip. Luckily the nausea left me and though the pain somehow lingered, I still enjoyed our trip very much.

On Sunday we were back in Christchurch at our friends’ home. The headache was very strong, and I decided to lie down for a bit after lunch. It didn’t take long and Donald came to let me know that we would have our Sunday meeting earlier and it would start in half an hour. I got up again and prepared for the meeting.

During the meeting, Chris, a friend from Sydney, gave a testimony about how he had prayed for a problem with his mum’s hand and that a couple of days later she was healed. I thought to myself that I should ask Chris after the meeting to pray for me.

At the end of the meeting, we came to communion and also operated the spiritual gifts as described in 1 CORINTHIANS 14:26-31.

While we took the bread and the cup, I was crying out to the Lord for healing, as I had already experienced a healing during communion a few years earlier (see my testimony “Burned Leg Healed”). I somehow hoped it would happen again… but nothing. Then we waited for the spiritual gifts, and suddenly Chris gave an interpretation. I only heard the first few words: “I am the Lord Your Healer. If you cry out to me and trust me….”

I didn’t hear the rest of what the Lord had to say through Chris, because I just threw myself onto this promise and cried out to the Lord for healing… and then it happened. I felt a ‘heavenly massage’ running down my spine taking all the pain and tension away!

I testified to the others about what had happened right away before the meeting came to its close.

God is a good God and a Great Physician. I came back home and told everyone what had happened, and I can testify today that I didn’t experience those kinds of headaches anymore since.

I hope this will encourage you always to seek the Lord for your healing first. Sometimes the healing might not come right there and then when you pray, but be assured it will come.

God bless you all.