My name is Mandy and I live in Coffs Harbour in Australia together with my husband Lars and our three boys.

I would like to tell you how God helped us to deal with our son’s nightmares.

Josh had bad nightmares for over a year and it seemed as if it would only get worse rather than better. Sometimes he would wake up sweating, crying and trembling because he was so afraid of closing his eyes again. We tried a lot, learning scriptures off by heart like “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me “ and “The Lord is my shepherd…” and other scriptures about not having fear. I told him nice stories before going to bed, we had fun, tickling sessions, sang songs, put Christian music or Christian stories on when he went to bed but somehow as soon as he closed his eyes he saw demons and witches and things we did never really talk about, or he would have ever come in contact with. He was afraid of dying and begged me to pray that he won’t die. Honestly it wasn’t easy.

After another nightmare Lars took his time with Josh and told him about the demons and how they react when they see Jesus. We read in the Bible that the demons really feared Jesus and whenever they saw Him they said ”Go away, leave us in peace, etc.” Lars made it very clear to Josh how the demons reacted and how afraid they were of Jesus and didn’t have any power at all when Jesus came. They trembled and feared Him so much.

We read in the Bible that the demons really feared Jesus…

Somehow it clicked and Josh got this revelation that Jesus has the authority over EVERYTHING. It was amazing but since then he is happy to go to bed and has the assurance that in Christ Jesus he has power over all the forces of the devil.PRAISE THE LORD!! I believe this revelation will help him also in different situations one day.

It’s great to see how the Word of God has changed him and I realised again that it is only the Word of God who can help and change us. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I hope this testimony will help you if you have similar problems.

Love in Christ, Mandy