How God healed me from back pain

I would like to share a testimony with you about how God healed me through a miracle.

A few years ago my back started to ache frequently. I went to many doctors but they were unable to find out the cause of my pain. I prayed but nothing happened so I asked God to show me the reason for the pain. When the pain came back I went again to a doctor but this time he gave me a diagnosis. He showed me an x-ray where you could see that the hip wasn’t straight – the reason for that was that one leg was shorter than the other. That’s why my spine was uneven and made my back ache. I got special shoes, which balanced the shorter leg but wearing them was quite exhausting.

The bible says the LORD is our healer (EXODUS 15:26). As I now knew the reason for the pain, I asked someone to pray that my shorter leg would grow longer. I sat down on a chair and stretched my legs evenly – now everyone around me could see that the one leg was nearly an inch shorter. While praying I didn’t close my eyes, and watched as my leg grew out to match the other!  After that miracle my back pain was completely gone and never came back. I also visited the doctor again who made the x-ray. He confirmed that the hip and the spine were straighter than before. Praise the Lord for all his power.