My name is Daniel and I live in Szczecin, Poland.

I would like to tell you a testimony about my salvation. In August 2001, I went to England for our church assembly’s Main Meeting. I had been invited by my Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Jason.

In the beginning it was quite hard for me, because I did not understand much about Christianity. Nearly everything I heard was new for me. I had of course read the Bible, but I never realized that everything I was reading could be relevant for me and that God can be present in my life. After a few days at the Main Meeting I started to understand what the Bible really means: everlasting life, heaven and hell, and so on… so I made my decision for the Lord and the same day in the evening I was baptized under water (MARK 16:16). It was amazing, because I felt like the first Apostles and I realised that I had entered into God’s Kingdom. After prayer I received the Holy Spirit and I started speaking in other tongues. Praise The LORD for HIS great love and mercy.

I also want to write about one great testimony that happened after I became a Christian. I live in my grandparent’s house and since I became a Christian the situation in my family has drastically changed. My relationship with my grandfather was broken and difficult. He started to persecute me. He did not accept that I wanted to pray or spend time reading the Bible. One day when I was praying and reading, I realised that somehow I should prove to my grandfather that Jesus is alive within this assembly and this is not a kind of weird sect. I wanted him to know that we are a church with Bible-believing, God-fearing people. That day I decided to overcome my fear before men.

My grandfather had had problems with his legs and he could not walk – every step was difficult and painful for him. One day after a catholic mass he came home and was angry with me. To be honest I was prepared for this situation already. This was my chance… I stood my ground and said that he was a hypocrite and if he wanted to see God moving, he could let me pray for his disease.

I laid my hands on his legs and commanded the disease to leave. I could feel the Power of The Holy Spirit flowing through my hands. After the prayer I said to him, “Stand up and walk”. He could not believe he was healed!!!! Praise the Lord for this great miracle.

Now I have great hunger for the Lord and His teaching and I constantly pray that all my friends will be saved soon.

In Christ’s love, Daniel