Hi everyone,

This testimony is about how I received the Holy Spirit, with the sign of speaking in a new language.

I had been seeking the Lord for a while, as I realised that I am not right with God. My Dad came up with something that helped me a lot. He explained that this is similar to the foundation of a house that I can build on:

  • Confess your sins
  • Read the Bible
  • Obey everyone who is set above you
  • Pray

I had this stuck on my wall and had been doing it for quite a while. What it meant to me was that the CROP which is a seed, is sown in you by your parents, and if you Pray, Obey, Read and Confess you sins, you will develop that seed, and get closer to God.

In February 2010 our house group watched a video by Charles and Frances Hunter in which they talked about receiving the Holy Spirit. After that we had a time of prayer, where God filled me with His Holy Spirit and I started to speak in a new language.

Then, after I received the Holy Spirit, these four steps helped me to grow in the Lord.

In His love, Jonathan