How the Lord Saved Me from a life with ADS

I would like to share the testimony of how I got saved.

I was born in 1970. My mother smoked during pregnancy and I was born with a metabolic disorder called ADS. When I went to school I always had problems concentrating during lessons. Although I always tried my best, it took me three times as long as the other kids to do my homework and it was always very frustrating.

Our neighbours were Christians and told me that they prayed for me. My grandmother, who was a pastor in the Protestant Church, prayed with us and also read the Bible with me. At the age of 5 or 6 I started to pray and to read my kids Bible. I knew that if there was a God I needed to seek Him. But I had a very tough time in life and was sometimes searching for God, sometimes not.

When I was 16 my father got a new job and had to move away, and I also had to live apart from my parents during my apprenticeship. At that time I started attending the meetings of the FEG (Evangelistic Free Church) in Zurich. I knew that I had to get saved, but they didn’t teach the whole salvation message and were very superficial in their doctrine. I felt so empty and didn’t continue to go to their meetings.

Some years passed by and I reached the age of 21. One Saturday, I had finished a 4-hour workout in the Fitness Centre and was so exhausted I intended to go home. But then the thought occurred to me that I should actually go into the city centre of Zurich. I didn’t want to obey that thought.

I knew that I had to get saved…

I denied it two or three times. But the feeling that I should go to the city centre was so strong that I obeyed it and went to the river Limmat in the city.  I found myself at a theatre, standing in front of a wall full of posters. I asked myself what I was doing there, and suddenly a man stood behind me and said to me “Hi, I’ve got something better for you, it’s about God.” I answered that I believed in God and started talking to him. After that I went along to the meetings for about 3 or 4 months, and heard about full salvation by being born again, by water and by the Spirit. During this time I was asking myself “Why should I get baptised again? I believe in God, my Grandmother is a Pastor and she showed me the way.”

Then suddenly in December 1992 my Grandmother committed suicide. That was a real shock for me and I realised that I had to change something in my life so as not to end up like her. So I made a decision to get saved as the Bible says and was baptised (through full immersion, JOHN 3:5) on 19th December 1992.  After prayer I received the Holy Spirit and started to speak in other tongues (ACTS 2:38). That was the beginning of my new life. Praise the Lord!