I Knew That I Was A Sinner

Hello my name is Virginia
I´d like to share with you how I got saved, I am 13 and I’ve grown-up in a Christian family and realised quite early on that I have a soul that needs to get saved one day. To receive the Grace of GOD you need to repent. You have to become aware that repentance is your key to heaven according to the word of GOD. MARK 6:12

Repentance means actually examining your life and realising that you are not living GOD’s plan for you and that you are living without GOD’s righteousness and this you have to change now. It is your most personal decision, with the word of GOD you can find out if you live by God´s standards or not. If you then truly ask GOD to forgive you your sins (every part in your life which goes against the LORD), see EXODUS 20:3-17. I knew that I was a sinner, although I might not have broken that many commandments I was convicted that I´m no better than anyone else my age, even if I have grown-up in a Christian family.

When some friends within our church received the Holy Spirit and their prayer language (LUKE 11:13, ACTS 2:4) I became sad and thought maybe I do not really know what salvation means, so crying I asked my mum about it.  I could not understand why GOD did not listen to me when I was seeking Him for quite some time. My mum said that it was not good to have these worries as GOD has His timing and HE knows exactly when the time was right for me. I just have to focus on the LORD and trust HIM alone. MATTHEW 7:7

A few days later I got a deep burden within my heart. A burden about the sins I have committed and wanted to be free of that burden and receive forgiveness. At our next Christian meeting we had a time of prayer when I quietly asked the Lord to forgive me and I told GOD everything and confessed a lot. I also prayed about other things I had on my heart. After that meeting my dad and a deacon took me to a separate room and after my dad showed me in the Bible about salvation through Jesus Christ, we prayed for a short while. During that prayer time I felt completely warm inside my body and I could feel the power of God. I was so happy I knew that God had forgiven me, ROMANS 15:3 and I knew that I had received the Holy Spirit when I started to pray in a new language which I did not know. It was just so cool! Later I was baptized in a lake by full immersion and since then I´m free and born again. ACTS 2:41 I now pray that you too will receive GOD´s grace and that you can get to know HIS ways.