Lost Coin Found After Prayer

My name is David and I live close to Adelaide, South Australia. A few weeks ago my Dad cut a huge dead tree on our neighbour’s, “Uncle Berry`s”, property. My brother and sister and I helped collecting all the wood and carrying it on our cart to the back of the house. When we were finished, Uncle Berry gave each of us some money for helping, which was very nice of him, as we did not expect anything. I put the coins in the pocket of my pants and continued doing things outside.

When I wanted to have a look at the money, I realised that a $2.00 coin was missing. I was quite upset and started searching for it – but really, it could have been anywhere; in the grass or gravel, in the earth in the veggie patch … because I had been running around everywhere. When my mum saw me looking for the coin, she asked me if I had prayed already that God would show me where it is. So I prayed to God in Jesus’ name to please show me where I lost the coin and continued looking for it. Guess what: It did not take long and I found the $2.00 coin in between some gravel along the driveway. I was very happy that God answered my prayer and straight away I put the money in the house where I could not lose it anymore.

Many greetings from David,