Miraculously Found Lost Hearing Aid

Hello my name is Josh and I would like to tell you a great testimony.
When I was on holidays with my grandparents we went for a day to the beach where my granddad lost his hearing aide. He was desperate to find it again as it was pretty expensive and he also needed it to hear properly. We were all looking for it in the sand but it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. My mum and I prayed that God would show us where to find it, as we had heard already many testimonies of people who lost something, prayed and God showed them where to look for it.

In the evening we left the beach, but for the next two days we always kept our eyes open and looked wherever we went …at the beach, on the street and above all we kept thanking God that we would find it.
At one point when my grandma had given up all hope she said that if I still found the hearing aid, she would start believing in miracles, too. This even motivated us more to trust God to let us find the hearing aid 🙂.

On the third day after my granddad had lost his hearing aid we went for a walk to the beach with the whole family and when we passed by a few cars I had the thought to look under one of the cars that parked next to the beach. And guess what I found there…my granddad’s hearing aid. It was damaged and broken because a car must have driven over it but we found it. I was so happy and you should have seen my grandparents ☺. They couldn’t believe it after all these days. My granddad received some new hearing aids from the insurance as they pay for damaged ones but not for lost ones and so he could save a lot of money. I thank God that he helped me and always answers my prayers. Next time you lose something ask God to help you. He knows where it is and where to look.
Love in Christ, Josh