My Salvation, A Teen’s Story

Hi, my name is Daniela, and this is my salvation story…

I grew up in this church, so I have always lived in a Christian home. From an early age, I knew what it meant to be saved and always had a good relationship with God. I loved Him, and knew that I had to follow and trust Him in everything. When I was about 11 years old, I asked God to give me His Holy Spirit with the evidence of ‘speaking in tongues’, then I tried to receive the Holy Spirit out of my own strength, but somehow I knew it was not the right time for me to get saved yet.

A few years later I realized it is not something that, once I think I’m ready I can simply ‘just take’ my salvation and a new prayer language from God, but that it is a gift (EPHESIANS 2:8). Once God knows I’m ready He will give it to me – if I am seeking! (LUKE 11:9-13)

One Sunday night my Mum and Dad were ‘praying in tongues’ in our living room and I had this urge from God to go and join them. Once Dad noticed me he asked me what I wanted, I said I would like to be saved, I had tears streaming down my face the whole time. I asked God again for His Holy Spirit to come into me and save me – and He did. I had a wonderful peace then, though the tears kept streaming down my face. Dad then told me to try and speak ‘in tongues’ and l did. Very slowly I started. At first just syllables and then a bit more. That night I could hardly sleep; I was so happy and full of joy and peace!

The next Wednesday, when our church house group had another meeting, I was baptized fully under water, in a bathtub, as the Bible says (ACTS 22:16) and am now a ‘new creature’ living for Jesus!  (2 CORINTHIANS 5:17)