Our Pet Chicken Was Lost, But Now Is Found!

Hi to all children!

This is Lily and Kenny from the Bournemouth house group in England. We would like to share with you how the Lord brought us back one of our two chickens which went missing. The chickens are called Nelly and Daisy. Our Mummy loves them because they lay eggs, but we love them because they are our pets. We can stroke them and hold them in our arms and when we call “ko-ko-ko” they come running to us.

Anyway, one day our Daddy brought us the bad news that Daisy was gone. We couldn’t find her anywhere and we were worried that a fox could have snatched her and run away. We were all very sad and we prayed that the Lord would bring Daisy back. Two days passed and nothing happened, but on the third day our lovely neighbour Caroline came to tell us that there were some posters up in a road nearby asking if anyone had lost a chicken! We went with our Daddy to have a look. There was a telephone number, which we then phoned and we found out that it was our Daisy! We then went to collect the chicken. A girl my (Lily) age opened the door; she was the one that looked after our chicken, plus a few more chickens that belong to her family. And her name was Daisy too! We gave her a chocolate to say “thank you” and her parents got our leaflet from our church and now we pray that this family won’t be lost, but will find their way to the Lord. And we thank our Lord for His goodness.

Lily and Kenny