Hi Everybody!

I would like to tell you about our time in Idaho this summer. My family and I drove all the way from Toronto to Idaho (3700 km). The drive itself was extremely beautiful and breathtaking. On one day there were lakes everywhere, the next day there was just prairies, and then mountains the next. We then arrived in Idaho at our campsite, which we were staying at for the next week. It was really great seeing everybody again and everyone was really excited.

The next day we had the meeting where we listened to the talk “Training of the Disciples”. The main thing that I learned was that you get trained and learn many things as a Christian, but then you should pass it on. For example you have been taught to have good manners or honour your parents, so that’s what you should show other people and then teach them, too. On Tuesday we went to Spokane, which was really interesting. We saw the church where John G. Lake preached, his house, as well as his gravesite. What I thought was really amazing was that Pastor Jerry, the man who showed us around was trying to go in the footsteps of John G. Lake and set up the healing rooms again and that he had such a powerful desire to see the work grow.

The next day we all went to the beach at Pend d’Oreille. The lake was once used as a US navy practice ground for submarines, so you can imagine how deep it is! We all went on the boat and tubing which was so much fun! On Thursday, we kids spent the day at Silverwood Theme Park. We went on most of the rides, and it was great fun. Friday was the last day and all the kids, including the 2-year-olds, had a scavenger hunt where we learned how to use a compass and that’s how we found the next clues. On each clue was part of a scripture and at the end was put together and acted out.
Of course we encountered water balloons and sand bombs on the way to different places, so it made it more challenging. We all got really nice prizes at the end. That night we all said goodbye to each other, because some of us had to leave early the next morning. Sadly the whole time went so fast, but we all definitely loved it.

Love in Christ, Andrea & Karin, Toronto