Persistence Pays Off

Hi to everyone around the world!

This autumn I will start school and I’m really looking forward to it! In the last few weeks before school started my friends and I were told in which classes we would be. All my friends were together in one class and I was the only one that was put into another class. I was really sad! My mum talked with the principal and tried to find a way how I could swap classes and be together with my friends, but she was told that this was not possible.
The only thing we could do was to start praying that God would do something! After quite some time we realized God was working on the situation. All my friends’ parents tried to find a way that my friends and I could be in the same class. They also advised my mum to just ask again and keep on trying. Even my current minder from kindergarten called the school and asked them to organize something so that I could swap classes!
My mum called the school again and she was told that it was not possible right now, but they would think about it and that we should call again in a week. In the meantime we continued to pray and expect that God would find a way.
Then the day came when my mum had to call again, which she did. Afterwards she came to me and told me that the school had accepted our plea and managed to put me in the class with all my friends! Praise the Lord! My friends and I are so happy and I thank God that He made this possible for me!!
In Jesus’ Love, Peter