Polyps Disappear

My husband and I lived in Zurich (Switzerland) from 1987 to 1995. During this time we had our four children. After the birth of our second child in 1989 my doctor diagnosed me with having polyps (growths) on my uterus. She said that even though they were not malignant they were still an unnatural growth and would need to be cut out. As I was a Christian I was not really keen to have any kind of operation and I hoped and prayed that God would heal me. I told my husband and some of my friends and we prayed for it regularly, but the polyps did not disappear straight away.

During the following years I had two more children and during each pregnancy the doctor confirmed that the polyps were still there. She urged me to finally have them removed so we made an appointment for the following week.

During the next Wednesday evening meeting I asked for prayer in my assembly group. An elder laid hands on me and commanded the polyps to disappear. The next day I had the appointment with the doctor. She got all of her instruments ready to remove the polyps and then discovered that they were gone. She was very surprised about it, since she knew that I had had them for 4-5 years. She said, “Well, I have nothing to cut out anymore. I can’t remove what isn’t there. You can go home!!”

I told her that I was a Christian and that I believe that God had answered our prayers for healing. The polyps have never returned since and I am very grateful for this! Praise God!