Saved from a Life of Spiritual Emptiness and Drugs!

Hi, my name is Bob. When I was about fifteen, I lived in Germany. I was a very sociable guy and had lots of friends. Due to a mixture of peer pressure and curiosity I started dabbling in recreational drugs. Occasionally I tried some heavier drugs, which I often mixed with alcohol. As long as I was with my friends I thought what I was doing was okay. However, sometimes after coming home from a party in the early hours of the morning, really “stoned”, I looked into the mirror and asked myself, “Do I really know myself, do I really feel happy?” My honest answer was, “NO”. So I went to bed very quickly to try and forget everything.

It seemed as though my conscience was under a magnifying glass…

When I was about twenty, I was doing an apprenticeship. One day a new guy started where I worked and straight away we got on really well. He told me about the time he spent in India, his travels and his life. After a little while, he also started to talk to me about the Bible. He told me some simple truths like, how much God hates drugs (GALATIANS 5:20) or that you could talk to God alone in your room (MATTHEW 6:6). He also gave me some leaflets to read about the Bible. I started to talk to God and the more I got to know about Him, the uneasier I felt about my sinful life. It seemed as though my conscience was under a magnifying glass, especially when I was alone. I really had to ask myself which side I was on. I wanted to be a good person, but I realised that I wasn’t!

God answers your prayers if you follow Him

I also received some powerful answers to my prayers. For example, I got the exact job I had asked for while talking to God in my kitchen. I always knew there was something more than what we see, feel and smell, but could not define it.

After a while, I started to go to some of my workmate’s church meetings and I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit and got baptised. It was incredible how my conscience was totally eased. My past sins had been covered by Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross and I had started a new life. That day, I stopped smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs without any withdrawal symptoms. Since then, the Lord has filled my life with real fulfillment and caring friends.

One of my heart’s desires was to move to another country. This has been fulfilled as I now live in Australia. The Lord has also blessed me with a wife, a house and a family. Now as I look back on my life more than ten years later I can say that, although it was not always easy, the Lord helped me through it. I’m going from faith to faith and from victory to victory. It is a very exciting, challenging and fulfilling life in Christ!