Hello everybody,

My name is Friedl from Tulln, near Vienna and I would like to share with you my testimony how the LORD saved me. Before I became a Christian I was into Heavy Metal music, I went to bed with it and I woke up with it, it was my life so to say, as was drinking, smoking etc. I hung around with motorbike gangs and, at some stage, I learned to tattoo from Tattoo Sonny in Vienna an old friend of mine.

I never believed in God, but rather in Science Fiction, .

UFOs, and Occultism Yet, there was a day when a former school friend (Petra) invited my girlfriend (Lindschi) and I to a BBQ. She was already saved and witnessed to us about God and Salvation until the early hours of the morning. The next day I bought myself a Bible with the intention to show her that she wasn’t right and that if God was real and loving He would just let us do what ever we wanted; however, as I read the Bible more and more over the next 3 months, I got convicted by The Word. Day by day I started to think deeply about my whole life, the sins I committed, and etc. My girlfriend was also convicted by reading the Bible, and after some months and meeting-up with people from the Assembly for walks, motor bike rides, boat trips, etc. During these outings they witnessed to us about the blessings in their lives and also about Judgement Day. Eventually, my girlfriend decided to get saved because she couldn´t cope with her bad conscience about her sinful life anymore. As Jesus Christ forgives us all sins and heals us from all diseases/sickness if we repent and get saved, she took this free gift to get right with GOD.

When she got baptised and received the gift of the Holy Spirit speaking in other tongues as described in  ACTS 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. I became so jealous that I went completely against God because we did everything together in our lives so far and now she did something without me. I then got quite aggressive towards believers. It went so far that I threatened them with severe action if they walked on my side of the road. Anyway God obviously had some other plans for me and started to pull me more and more towards Him.

I became so jealous that I went completely against God…

After a while my girlfriend had to leave me for Christ´s sake because she could not bear the situation at home anymore with me being so cold towards her and her new “life”. When she left the flat I sought consolation in Heavy Metal concerts, bike meetings, and alcohol. The funny thing back then was that it did not matter how much alcohol I drank I did not get drunk, even my best friends were stunned by this and I remember that I somehow thought that this must have been from the LORD to protect me!

So after a couple of months I decided to start praying for the first time in my life. I have to admit, I started because I needed a car for the winter time because I always had my motor bikes and Lindschi had the cars. So I challenged God with some simple prayers. I got prayer answers every day, like the car I needed which I miraculously saw in a dream beforehand! Everything was in the dream from God, including the exact place of the car seller and the price of the car. Many other prayer answers happened on a daily basis like in the scripture HEBREWS 2:4 God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will. Finally this brought me to a point where I couldn´t deny God any longer.

I felt so warm and comforted that I broke down sobbing…

So, a month after I started praying I decided to get saved. I knew then that GOD was real and I really started to love Christ so much for what He had done on the cross for me. I phoned Lindschi on a Sunday morning in December to pick me up and bring me to an Assembly meeting, which was in Salzburg, about 300km away from home. As we drove on the motorway a snowstorm started and we couldn’t see anything anymore, but Lindschi asked the LORD to take away the storm and within a minute the storm disappeared and the sun came out. For me it was a further sign not to waste any more time,

but get saved and be right with the LORD. After I got baptised by an ex-drug dealer and received the Holy Spirit, I felt so warm and comforted that I broke down sobbing while I prayed in a new language which the Lord gave me. It was the best day of my life indeed and I will never forget the feeling I had when I got cleaned up by the LORD. Just to mention, my girlfriend Lindschi became my wife and we now have three very lovely kids. God is working everyday in our lives with wonders and signs. Praise the LORD for His grace.