The Lord Answers Prayer

Dear All,

I would just like to share a testimony with you about how I was able to get my own Apple iMac computer for free! A while back I felt I should have my own laptop or computer to do my schoolwork on.  So I started praying to the Lord asking Him to get me a good computer which would be able to do whatever I required it to do for me, mostly my school work, as I was starting a very important year of my school life. I also needed the computer to be reliable, because I didn’t want it to break, so I wouldn’t have to pay to fix any damages, or even to buy a new one.  So I asked the Lord for this and I prayed for this for a long time.

After a while I started to feel discouraged, as I hadn’t come any closer to getting my laptop or computer, which I had been praying for. So I searched my Bible and I found the scripture in MATTHEW 7:7 which said Ask, and it shall be given you; seek. And ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. This scripture gave me the faith to carry on praying for my computer, and so I did.

Not too long after this, the Lord answered my prayer. A friend in our church called Sam had an aunt who wanted to give away her computer, so Sam asked people in our church if they wanted to have it. My dad, knowing that I wanted to have a computer, contacted Sam, asking him, if we could have the computer and of course Sam said ‘yes’. Praise the Lord for He answers prayer!

Love in Him,