Trials and Sunflowers

Hi Teens around the world

I would like to share a testimony about trials and sunflowers.

As a few of you know I really like sunflowers and have planted quite a few of them this year. Two of my sunflowers that were planted outside were very gangly and looked quite likely to falling over.
They were also in one of the windiest places. We put a stake next to them, but it didn’t seem to help much. As we watched over the next few weeks we could see that they have grown together to support each other, and (because of the wind) have grown very thick stems (thicker than the bamboo stake we used to support them).
I thought that this is a bit like in our Christian walks, we will go through tough times, but if we cling to Jesus He will strengthen us.

Another one of my sunflowers had been planted next to a tree, but sadly had fallen over, you would have thought that it would wilt and die, but it didn’t!

It started to grow where it had fallen over and put roots down.

I thought this was a good example of how we shouldn’t give up, even if we feel as if we have ‘fallen’, we should still keep going.

Love in Christ,

Hannah (14)