Who are your true friends?

Friends are very special people. Far too many times we consider a friend just a person to hang out with and get into mischief with, but that is not God’s idea of a proper friend! While it is just fine to have a wee giggle here and there, friendship goes a whole lot deeper than that.

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share a small something on the Biblical characteristics of a friend. I think the No.1 best thing to do for getting friends is to be a friend yourself. It’s that simple! Not only is that a good way to make friends, but it is a vital part of keeping a friendship going. Here are a few of the Biblical characteristics of a friend:

1. There are only a few close friends (PROVERBS 18:24). Jesus himself
had his 12, his 3 and his 1.
2. A friend gives himself (JOHN 15:13). This means that they have a readiness to serve the other.
3. A friend knows you deeply (JAMES 5:16). They are people who we can be ourselves with.
4. A friend loves unconditionally (PROVERBS 17:17).
5. A friend gives good advice (PROVERBS 27:9).
6. A friend speaks the truth in love (PROVERBS 27:6).
7. A friend encourages you (JOB 6:14).
8. A friend does not fear a clash with you (PROVERBS 27:17). Clashes cannot be avoided but they can be solved.
9. A friend is delicate (PROVERBS 26:18-19). They are aware of your sensitive spots.
10. A friend is loyal and stays by your side (PROVERBS 16:28B).

I am really very fortunate for being in a church where I am blessed with very special friends that care for me and, are also great fun. I also, however, have friends outside of the church, in school for example, and have recently come to realise just how important it is to have good friends.
When I started high school nearly five years ago, like most kids I made a couple of friends. We chatted and did the things that teenagers normally do. One ‘friend’ however, gave me a very hard time, I tried to be kind to her, but she continued to be very nasty and as a result of this I was not a very happy kid in fact I was so, so miserable and I eventually broke away from them. In my first year of high school I was miserable and sad and I did not enjoy any of it, not really. But now I see that it was necessary and God was only protecting me.
I think many people totally underestimate just how big an influence the people we hang about with can have on us, friends can be great and can uplift you and can really enrich who you are, but they can also have the complete opposite effect. If I would still be spending time with those so-called ‘friends’, I would be a completely different person. If I look at them now, I don’t mean to be harsh, but they are such a bad example; the way they talk, dress and even what they do in their spare time. I now see that God separated me from them to protect me, 1 CORINTHIANS 10:13 1 CORINTHIANS 10:24

For nearly one year I had hung about with that circle of friends, but God provided a new, better friend. On that exact day that I had broken away from them, another girl introduced herself, and we have been friends ever since. With these new friends I can have an honest and fun relationship, while not being over-influenced by the world. I am so grateful that God cares for me and I believe He has handpicked friends for me that can help me, and not to forget that I can help them. Praise the Lord!

Sophie Mac (15)