Visit of full size replica of Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong

Hello everybody around the world,

We would like to tell you how on our way home to Australia, we had a stopover in Hong Kong and used the time to visit a “full size replica of Noah’s Ark”. The Ark is only 15 minutes away from the airport and we could catch a bus to get there. We could see lots of animals in the garden in front of the Ark. It was gigantic! As it was very hot and humid outside, we were happy to go into the Ark where we discovered lots of different things. There are 5 levels with different themes like an “Ark life education centre”, a “Treasure House”, “Noah’s work shop”, etc. We watched the journey of Noah in a 180 degree “Great flood theatre”.

It was very scary to see all the people dying in the flood. We also got to know a boy called Aaron and his Mum who were from Hong Kong. They told us a lot about the city and we could tell them about God.  At the end they gave us a beautiful flower magnet, a symbol of Hong Kong. We hope you will visit us one day in Australia and maybe you will have the chance to stop in Hong Kong as well.

Greetings from Australia,

Josh and David