When the Berlin wall came down, God gave me a new life!

Hi, my name is Sonni and I’d like to share with you how God changed my life.

My childhood was not particularly pleasant. My mother married and divorced twice and I grew up alone with my mother and without my brother. After the second divorce my mum lived a free and promiscuous life. I knew nothing about God or the Bible.

Then, one day before my 16th birthday, my mother died at the young age of 34. Rather than being admitted to a children’s home, the authorities gave me the chance to live alone under the observation of a legal guardian. From the outside it didn’t look too bad, but step by step I started to follow in my mother’s footsteps. I would bring different guys to my place. When I was 17 I started to drink a bottle of red wine every evening to drown my longing for real love. I dressed in a very provocative manner and got more and more into the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Deep inside I felt dirty, guilty and used but outwardly I presented myself as self-assured and arrogant.

The, One evening in December 1988, I was watching one of these Christmas films about Jesus with my boyfriend, when my best buddy Ralf came for a visit. This wasn’t unusual, as he lived opposite my place and we often met up. But that evening, for the first time, I heard about God and the Bible, because Ralf had become a Christian. Full of fire and zeal, he told us how his life had been changed. My boyfriend and I found it ridiculous and made it clear to him to leave us in peace.

But Ralf kept coming back and as usual I presented myself outwardly one way but was different inside. In fact I was deeply moved and affected by the things Ralf told me about the state of my soul. From the start I knew I was guilty before God and desperately needed to be baptised. I was fearful about hell and knew that I deserved nothing else. But I kept these thoughts to myself and outwardly appeared dismissive and cool.

Once Ralf told me that Jesus would come back to the earth to judge mankind, and I cheekily asked him “Great, when is he coming?” But the answer I got was, to my ears, simply nonsense. Ralf explained that the Bible speaks about a 3rd world war and that Germany would go to war as a united country (EZEKIEL 38:6). Then, Jesus would come back. Germany reunited? Bang! That was too much. As long as I could remember there was East Germany (the DDR). And in my opinion the wall would still exist in 100 years time. I rubbished it as a crazy idea.

One year passed by. Ralf visited me once or twice a week and always told me something from the Bible. In the night when I was alone, I became so fearful about hell. I started to cross myself regularly in the hope that God would take my guilt away. But the opposite was true. I was happy to wake up alive in the morning and I took extra care not to get run over when crossing the road. I was full of desperation and wanted to get baptized. I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit just the way Ralf had shown me in the Bible. I wanted to feel peace and forgiveness in my heart. But my pride was too strong. I didn’t want to quit my cigarettes, my music and my boyfriend. Things that actually didn’t benefit me and partly were to blame for my misery. Still, I was not able to withdraw from all these idle things.

Then came the 10th November 1989 – the day that would change my life completely. Ralf stood at my door with the daily newspaper in his hand. With excitement he told me that the Berlin wall had come down and that the reunification of Germany was sealed. He asked me if I knew what it meant, and reminded me of that evening when we spoke about the return of Jesus Christ. In front of my very eyes, a biblical prophecy had been accomplished. That was too much for me. I broke down in tears and decided to commit my life to Jesus. 12 days later I was baptized and immediately afterwards received the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues. From that day onwards my nicotine addiction was healed and never came back. I learned to discern good music from evil music and took responsibility for my new life.

But the best part was that God gave me complete forgiveness and peace in my heart. All my fears, feelings of guilt and complexes disappeared in one evening. Well, now I am also one of these fiery Christians and I am still so grateful to God that He worked on me so patiently. He changed my life and put it in order. He also put a wonderful husband by my side; we have been happily married since 1994 and have 3 lovely children – who still sometimes wonder about mum’s past 🙂