Creation in the Classroom

Hi to everyone!

I would like to share what happened to me at school.  I have always been fascinated by how amazing our world is – especially the beauty in nature and how amazing our bodies work. When I would look at the things around me, I knew that it had to be created by a powerful God, not by chance.  Naturally, the debate over creation vs. evolution was an exciting one for me.  So when I found that we would spend a whole unit on evolution, I was excited. This would be an amazing opportunity to tell others about God through creation.  I asked my teacher right away if I could do a presentation on creationism.

When my teacher first introduced the subject, she explained the mindset that had existed before Darwin came out with his book, The Origin of Species. She challenged anyone in the class to prove that God existed.  When I told this to one of the people in our house group, she encouraged me to take up that challenge. With her help, I wrote a little paper on that subject and handed it in.

Throughout the semester, I asked my teacher when I could do my presentation.  There never was enough time, so it was always postponed. Eventually the last day of that semester, the teacher allowed me to make my presentation.  She gave me the last ten to fifteen minutes of class to do it. She made it obvious from the start that she did not support it at all.  I started off by showing a part of the video, ‘Creatures that Defy Evolution’, and then talked a little bit. Even though I was not given enough time and had to rush, I could see that this made my classmates think.

Right after this class, Nina, a friend of mine who was in this class, asked me when our next church meeting was and if she could come again (she had previously come to a church meeting). This was so great because she wanted to come on her own accord.  Praise the Lord!

Love in Christ, Andrea