Cured of Mental Problems

My name is Ralf and I lived in Niederweimar, near Marburg, Germany. When I was a child I occasionally read the Bible and went to church with my grandmother. Now and then I thought about questions relating to the Bible, but after my grandmother died, I didn’t think about it any more.

As I grew older, I became interested in many different things. I went out a lot with my friends, and started drinking alcohol more frequently. As time went on I became more and more addicted to alcohol.

I had several failed relationships and often went through times of depression. I did a technical course by correspondence and had great difficulty concentrating due to my alcohol problems. Shortly before I had to do my diploma thesis, I decided to completely stop drinking alcohol. The subject of my dissertation led me into questions about general teaching on formation and about the origin of life. During this time I bought a Bible and started to pray and read the Bible again.

At that time two miracles occurred in my life, which I only understood later. The first miracle concerned my dissertation. Although my studies were technically based, the subject of my dissertation led me into spiritual questions, whereas my fellow students had to deal mainly with technical designs and the like. The second miracle was that I was able to completely stop drinking alcohol. I had tried to stop several times before without any success.

I was able to completely stop drinking alcohol.

After I successfully completed my studies I was jobless. At first I was happy about this, as I was not sure what career I wanted to pursue. Regrettably however, I started reading esoteric literature and started to practice a kind of self-hypnotism. Because of this, I started to have ‘supernatural perceptions’ and became mentally confused. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital where the drugs I was prescribed caused cramps as side effects. It was horrible.

In the years following, I was taken to these hospitals several times. I was told that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life if I wanted to avoid these hospitalisations. I started to read the Bible again, searching for answers for my life. I understood that, according to the Bible, I had to be baptised to get rid of the burden of my sins. While I was helping an acquaintance of mine to renovate her flat, I met two Christians from Christian Assemblies International. About a week later I went to visit the deacon of the local Assembly Group. I told him that I would not leave until I was baptised. The night before this, I had gone through enormous attacks of fear and dreaded that I might have to be taken to a psychiatric hospital again. I lay on my bed and held my Bible like a protecting shield over my chest whilst invisible evil powers were at work in my room. Only my desire to be baptised the following day gave me the courage to face the attacks that night. So the next day, I repented of all my sins and received the Holy Spirit, and afterwards was baptised in a lake – Praise the Lord!

I have now been working full time for several years and do not take any medicine at all. I am thankful to the Lord for my well-being, and enjoy a very full and healthy life.

Praise the LORD, In His love, Ralf