Dead Baby brought back to Life

Hello my name is Annette and I live in Scotland.

The testimony I’d like to share happened in Vienna, Austria a few years ago – more than 10 years ago actually – but only now can I see the full effect of those events.

I have a very good friend called Gela. We’ve been best friends since High School. Over the years our lives drifted apart because my family and I moved to Germany, I later became a Christian. We never really lost contact though, so when my husband and I moved back to Vienna as missionaries, Gela and I were happy to meet up again.

Being very close friends, I was with her in the hospital when she gave birth to her youngest child. Every labour is different, and I could see that hers was not easy. I gave all my attention to comfort and strengthen her. The nurses were not concerned about her progress at all so in general we were at ease. When her little baby boy was finally born he was very still. I didn’t pick this up immediately as I was still focusing on Gela, who was exhausted.

The nurses cared for the baby and suddenly there was a lot of activity going on. I heard them asking for a first aid table because something was wrong. I looked up and saw the little baby hanging lifeless in the arms of a nurse, who rushed him out of the room to get to the neonatal reanimation table (as it is called). When she passed by me to leave the room I managed to touch the baby and prayed to God that He would give the life back into his body. Before she even reached the table, little Simon started crying! Meanwhile, Gela had also noticed that something was going on, but I was able to reassure her that everything was fine. Praise the Lord!

…God finds His ways to reveal the truth.

Gela never properly realised that little Simon had died momentarily after birth. I hadn’t wanted to upset or worry her unnecessarily and didn’t even know how to begin recounting the events, so I never told her what had happened. Many years passed and I still hadn’t mentioned how God had saved her boy, but God finds His ways to reveal the truth.

A couple of years later, when my family and I had just moved to Scotland, Gela told me that Simon (now 8 years old) was very fond of reading the Bible and wanted to become a disciple of Jesus along with his friend. Not long after this conversation we had a chance to visit her. I was finally able to tell her about what happened the day Simon was born, and there was no doubt for either of us that he was so drawn to God because of these events at the very start of his life.

Praise the Lord.